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Unjamming a nail from a Framing Nail Gun

Unjamming a nail from a Framing Nail Gun

Feb 21, 2012

Your firing those framing nails in fast and furious, thinking to yourself this is going to be a fast easy job. Then, without warning, the nail stops short, hitting a knot or it’s just bad karma. Either way, your screwed, or nailed in this case. Now you have a large framing gun stuck to the side of some stud or beam and you are ticked and befuddled at the same time.

How to remove a nail from the head of the Framing Gun

Pesky ring shanked nail stuck in the shaft of my framing gun

First thing you need to do is disconnect the air from the nail gun and release the nails in the magazine. Then, get a flat headed pry bar and slowly work the nail ( and attached nail gun) out of the wood. You usually have to slip the pry bar in between the nail gun teeth and the wood to work it out. A few gentle cranks and it is free from the wall.

Then you have need to push the piston shank backwards so it clears and frees the nail head. Spray or drop a little oil on the piston shank located behind the nail head inside the metal guide.  Using a flat head screwdriver or similar and a hammer start tapping on the piston shank inside the metal guide to push it back into the body of the framing nail gun. You may have to whack it hard a few times to get it to return backwards. The nail should then come lose and be easy to remove. Make sure and oil the gun prior to firing it back up.