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Replacing that old diverter faucet in your tub area

Replacing that old diverter faucet in your tub area

Nov 6, 2012

Eventually it happens, the tub fixture looks like it was dragged behind a car during rush hour and it needs to be replaced along with the handles.  This is an easy fix and you can easily purchase a remodel kit that does everything you want to update the freshness of the tub area.

As always, please make sure and turn off your water. 

Almost all older tub diverters are held in place with a a copper or metal pipe coming from the wall that has a male threaded ending on it. The diverter simply has to be turned counter clockwise to loosen it up and remove it. If it is really difficult to remove, you may need a monkey wrench to loosen it up.  Assuming you purchased a universal replacement and they are the same depth ( usually the wall to the tip of the pipe is 4″) you should only need to install some new teflon tape on this pipe with a few clockwise wraps to have the new diverter ready to be installed. Then simply tighten the new unit back on to the point where it is snug and properly aimed downward.

If the new diverter requires a longer pipe or uses a quick slip on connection then you may have to cut the old male threaded adapter off and add a coupler and more pipe length and then sweat the connection with a blow touch.

Changing the handles and base plate are simply a matter of removing the top cover plate and locating the screw underneath. Sometimes these handles are corroded to the valve stem and require some muscle.  On occasion they are so corroding the end up breaking the valve stem when taking them apart. In which case you will have to replace the stem too. They typically cost $10 to $20 each. Once the handle is off re-installation is simply the reverse.