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Understanding ADA single bathroom requirements

Understanding ADA single bathroom requirements

Mar 7, 2014

We are currently doing a commercial remodel for a large yoga studio and one of the requirements is that is has an ADA bathroom and shower. I have been doing research to make sure the bathroom is compliant and thought I would share my research to help other people .


The space as a whole has to allow 5 feet of turning radius for a wheelchair to do a full 360. This means that nothing can interfere with the radius, not a sink, toilet, door or other object.

The sink needs to be mounted no higher than 34″ from the floor and also have clearance under it for a wheelchair. Specifically there must be clearance for knees and toes so the user can easily access the sink. This means that the toes must have 9″ of clear space to the wall, while the knees must have a minimum of 27″ of space. The sink itself has to be less than 7″ thick  in the front to ensure the 34″ and 27″ meet. The base of the mirror can be mounted no higher than 40″ from the floor. The sink itself needs to have the outside edge 5 feet from the far wall and it’s centerline should be 18′ from the near wall. The would mean the bathrooom would have to be at least 7 feet 6″ wide if the sink was 2 feet wide.

CBC-Fig-11B-1A1-2010-ADA1Grab bars should be mounted behind the toilet and to the sidewall next to the toilet and be able to bear a 250 lbs load. They should be 33″ to 36″ from the floor and have specific locations.

The side grab bar must be 12″ from the corner and at least 42″ long. The rear grab bar should be a minimum of 36 inches long and extend from the center line of the water closet 12 inches minimum on one side and 24 inches minimum on the other side.

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