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5 Tips to dress up the Bedroom

5 Tips to dress up the Bedroom

Oct 5, 2012

Your bedroom is your respite from the hectic life we all lead these days. Its is where we re-energize our bodies and our  minds. A poorly designed bedroom can drag a person down, prevent peaceful rest and eventually make you go bonkers.

Tip 1: Paint those walls a color that is calming and not emotion evoking. Don’t paint the room a depressing dark color, or a bright red, something that is conducive to relaxing is always the best path.

Tip 2: Install Crown molding. Its a fast and cheap way to make a room look more modern and polished. It clearly defines the top end of the space and adds a touch of elegance.

Tip 3: Install new lighting. Just changing the main light to something brighter and more up to date can make a dramatic difference in the room. Adding more lights, such as can lighting, can change the mood quickly in a room with a dimmer switch.

Tip 4: Install new flooring or carpet. This seemingly unimportant touch can make or break a rooms appeal. Bad carpet can make a room look cheap. Hardwoods are always classic and look great.

Tip 5: New door hardware. Updating from that old bright brass knob that looks like it was caught in the garbage disposal from years of use and abuse can set the stage for a great room.

Lastly make sure you have a great tempurpedic ergo adjustable base and a tempurpedic bed to go with it. You do want to get a great nights rest, otherwise what was the point of all these tips?