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Polished Concrete Floor Options

Polished Concrete Floor Options

Feb 22, 2013


Part of optimizing a home for green construction is utilizing materials wisely. Concrete is one of the best examples of this adage. It is a highly versatile material and can be poured into just about any shape imaginable. It is incredibly durable and will last hundreds of years. The Roman’s actually mastered concrete and made the aqueducts  the Colosseum and the Pantheon largely out of concrete.

It is a time tested material that is cheap, easy to procure and easy to make. All you need is cement, aggregate and water. But, by itself concrete is not much to look it. It usually is hidden away in a home, hiding under the floors beneath wood or tile. Rarely is it the finished product. In the past decade or so that has started to change. Businesses and homes alike are using polished concrete floors as a finished product.

Polished Concrete is typically concrete that has a nice finish on it that is then stained with acid and may or may not be sealed. It is very economical, costing less than most flooring options and is incredibly durable and stable. It also has a flexibility of being able to create all sorts of designs and color options. If you are considering a green home, concrete is most definitely a worthy consideration.