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Inspecting a Roof for hail Damage

Inspecting a Roof for hail Damage

Aug 11, 2012

Living in Dallas, I was recently the victim of one of the most destructive hail storms in North Texas’ history. Last count we were well above the 2 billion dollar mark in damages. I have had several people ask me about their roofs and whether or not they are damaged.

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I suggest you, as the homeowner, hop on the roof, if you are able and look for damage before calling your insurance agent. Remember, once you file a claim, even if it goes no where, you are more likely to have your premium increased and the claim is on record if you switch to another insurance company.

So, what do you look for when you are on the roof? Small hail will likely not leave any damage, but larger hail damage, like we had here in Dallas, punched holes in my roof shingles. Actual penetration of the shingls is most obvious thing to look for. My shingles also had the fine aggregate knocked off  where the hail had impacted and essentially were nothing more than tar and fiberglass in spots where the shingles were hit. You also need to check around pipes and any other extruding objects such as heating vent pipes and turbines. All of these can be damaged and start leaking if they have a break in them.

Valleys are also suspect to damage even if they look okay so take extra time to inspect them, at the end of the day you may have to wait for a rain to see if the roof has problems that you cant see.