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Choosing a door for your home

A home’s attractiveness is determined from the street, whether it is considered a pretty home, or a shack, we call it curb appeal. But, as you walk up to a house and the front entry comes into focus it always comes down to the front door. Is it attractive, dull or just plain ugly. As a remodeler, I have seen them all and I know a front door can make or break a house’s appeal in a matter of moments.

Your front door also conveys a message. Is it solid with no windows? Implying you live behind a wall and a moat. Or is it glass, which lets light in and allows someone to see into your seemingly inviting home for a visit and tea? While the style of door may be all about perception, it none the less conveys a clear message. It is up to you what the message is all about.

This Oklahoma City door manufacturer is a great example of the options that are available in a basic modern prefabbed door. Fiberglass is becoming ever more popular because of its durability and it is energy star ratings due to its ability to resist heat transfer. But, steel doors are still preferred for strength and security. It simply comes down to personal needs and preferences.