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Double Paned LOE Window Installation

Windows in a home or commercial space are a major source of lost energy. During the summer a building picks up heat from the outside through windows and during the winter heat is lost through the glass. Windows must be well designed to not leak air and they should be LOE rated with double paned glass to slow heat loss.

Energy saving from a typical single paned Aluminum window to a vinyl double
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paned window can be as high as 35%. This can significantly cut your heating and cooling bill during the year. A lot of home owners wonder if it is worth upgrading windows in their existing house. Strictly from an energy perspective the answer is no. The pay back would likely be over 10 years, So unless you are upgrading for other reasons such as aesthetics or you are going to stay in the house for several years it is not a great investment.

If you are adding on an addition or doing a complete remodel then it would be a great time to change out the windows while the walls are open and easily accessible.

When looking for an energy efficient window there are a few things that need to be considered.

* Double paned windows slow down the transfer of heat by placing a layer of air or gas between the 2 panes of glass
* LOE is a window coated with microscopically thin, transparent layers of silver sandwiched between layers of anti-reflective metal oxide. This can cut up to 80% of harmful UV rays but also reduces light allowed into a room.
* Argon or Krypton gas is denser than air and will slow down heat transfer rates.
* Triple paned glass windows will add another layer to further slower the heat loss through the window.

The real decision with windows is a compromise between your budget and energy savings. Whether you choose vinyl, wood or fiberglass there are many options to fit almost anyone’s budget.