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Wall Socket Plug Wiring Diagram

Wall Socket Plug Wiring Diagram

Feb 14, 2012

I recently went into a house of a friend of mine and he was connecting the wall plugs in a diy project. I noticed immediately all the plugs were wired backwards. I thought I would create a graphic with the correct wall socket plug wiring diagram. The key to connecting plugs is when you are looking at the face with its 2 eyes and nose, the left eye is bigger. The bigger eye is always the neutral (white) wire. The small eye is always hot, or the black wire. Lastly, the ground is always wired on the bottom side with the green screw.

As always make very sure the electricity is off when working with plugs. You can make the connections stabbing the plugs in the back or using the screws on the side. I prefer screws, it takes a little longer, but they are designed to last. This would also work fine with 20 Amp wiring, but you will not be able to stab the backs of standard plugs, you would have to screw them in.

This would be a plug in a series of plugs, when you are running the wire from one to the next.

This would be a dedicated plug or the last in a series of plugs in a circuit.