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Updating that old toilet with a more efficent one

Updating that old toilet with a more efficent one

Oct 12, 2012

You are remodeling your bathroom and you want to make the right choices about fixtures, tubs, sinks and the toilet. The wrong choice is to re-install that old 3 gallon per flush toilet that flushes poorly anyway and is always stopping up. The correct choice is to get a  low flow toilet  with dual flush.

Why dual flush? You really only need to use a full flush once or twice a day to really clean out the bowl. The rest of time when, uh, liquids are only involved, you can use the quick flush. Today’s toilet’s full flush only uses 1.6 gallons and unlike early versions, actually moves the traffic on down the line and out of the bowl.

These are truly high tech bowls and well worth the investment. They are available in various styles from the more conservative looking to the sleek modern one piece models. And starting at only a few hundred dollars, they are worth every penny. So when you are planning and budgeting for your remodel I highly recommend you look at a good dual flush, low flow toilet. Toto is a great brand, as is Kohler. Both have a proven track record and won’t disappoint you with incomplete flushes and double flushes.