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Fixing that undermount sink that fell from under the granite

Fixing that undermount sink that fell from under the granite

Jan 31, 2012

Falling sinks after a granite install is something I get calls on all the time and it is easy to prevent, but many granite installers don’t bother to do it. It is a 5 minute item that should

Fallen undermount sink

always be done if you have an undermount sink. So if you are planning on installing granite then make sure this is done after the install by the installer.

If the sink has already fallen, and did not damage the waste lines or anything else, then you can use this method. If a waste line has cracked or broken you will need to replace it after the sink has been reset.

To start, you will need to get a 5 in one tool and scrape off all the silicone from the top edge and the bottom of the granite. Once this is done you will need to run a new line of silicone around the top of the sink in a solid 1/8″ bead. You will then need to make sure everything is cleaned out under the sink so you can push the sink back up and block it from underneath with 2×4’s or books. Usually you can set

2 3/4" pieces of plywood under the sink screwed to the wall.

something under the garbage disposal to take the weight off the sink. When it is firmly back up against the granite you will need to install 2 16″ wooden legs centered on each side of the sink. These will need to be thick enough to run up the inside wall of the cabinet to the lip of the sink and hold it tight. You can use 2×4’s or create something from thinner wood. These should be screwed into the cabinet wall with a couple of screws. This will hold the sink for a long time and prevent falling.

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