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Green Landscaping/ Xeriscaping

Building a green home or remodeling one is an important step in helping to conserve our resources inside the house, but we must also consider the landscaping. We want our house to have curb appeal, look great and express our individuality. But, how do we accomplish this goal and still have green landscaping?


green landscaping, xeriscaping

When considering landscaping there are a few things that have to be worked out. First of all you must purchase local native plants that thrive in your zone and drought tolerant exotics. This will ensure the viability of these plants and minimize watering and treatments. Before planting the soil must be prepped with tilling and conditioners such as peat moss. The hole should be 3-4 times as big as the plant is to make sure the plant has plenty of healthy soil to grow into.

If an irrigation system is planned then consider soaker hoses or drip hoses. They will reduce wasted water and won’t over water the plants when properly set up. Typical sprinkler systems don’t thoroughly irrigate the soil and a good percentage of the water evaporates during the heat of the day if not properly managed.

Lastly a good top layer of mulch will work wonders maintaining the soil at a more constant moisture. Mulch does a great job of retaining the water and as it breaks down it adds nutrients to the soil.

Lawn Care

When deciding on a new lawn pick a grass that is drought tolerant and holds up well with traffic. There are several species of Bermuda, Buffalo and Zoysia that hold up. A push lawn mower is a green alternative to a regular gas mower.  These mowers has absolutely no engine, just like the old mowers your Grandfather had. It’s powered by you pushing it and is truly an advocate of green landscaping with no air pollution.

Popular Drought Tolerant Grasses:

Bermuda :Requires full sun Extremely tolerant to traffic Responds quickly to watering after drought. Requires frequent mowing, dormant during the winter

green landscapes
  • Celebration:
  • Common Bermuda
  • GN1
  • Grimes EXP
  • Tex Turf
  • TifSport
  • Tifway 419

Buffalo: Requires full sun, does NOT tolerate traffic well, requires little, if any, water or fertilizer after establishment must be mowed very high, five inches or more, or not a all.


Tolerates both sun and shade Tolerates foot traffic Different cultivars have different drought tolerances Growth is slow as compared to Bermuda and St. Augustine

  • El Toro
  • Empire landscaping
  • Jamur
  • Palisades