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Cool concept homes in Australia

Cool concept homes in Australia

Mar 11, 2013

the-miliganThe outback is known for its desert like lands, kangaroos, sharks and beer. But there are some home builders in Australia building some great homes that incorporate green construction with great looks. Take these home builders in perth who have created some great contemporary home models such as the Armada and the Empire.

These home have an Energy Star Rating of 6 which is mandatory in Australia and means that all homes must have the following items:

  • 6 Star energy rating for the building fabric, and
  • A rainwater tank for toilet flushing or a solar hot water system, and
  • Water efficient shower heads and tapware.

These homes have many of these features needed and as a result can expect to use about 1/5 of the energy an older home uses to heat and cool them. The results are substantial savings for the home owner and an overall reduction in the draw from utilities as the weather heats up and cools down during the seasons. These homes also feature tankless hotwaters and dual flush toilets. All geared to bring down energy cost and water usage.

The overall design of these homes also makes them appealing to someone seeking a unique design and look in a contemporary home that is modern, but not too sleek. These homes are definite bright spot in Australian construction for both looks and conservation.