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Finding a leak in an Air Conditioning Compressor

Finding a leak in an Air Conditioning Compressor

Sep 11, 2012

We recently were installing a new 30 year roof on my own home and during the old roof demo a roofing nail managed to land on my air conditioning compressor. This by itself was not a big deal, I had placed a cover over it to prevent debris from the roof falling into it and making a mess or causing a problem. The real problem started when we were cleaning up the debris from the old roof and somehow a nail ended up on the top of the compressor after I had removed the protective cover. When I went to sweep the compressor off the nail dropped into the running unit and against all odds, hit the blades and was ricocheted into the coil hitting it with the pointed edge and causing a burst of a white cloud and a loud leaking sound while all the freon leaked out of the unit over several minutes.

I had to call Dallas air conditioning repair to get it fixed and fast. It was 104 that day and I didn’t want to go several days without air.  When they showed up the took the top of the unit off and then pumped nitrogen into the unit to pressurize it and find the leak which took all of a few minutes.

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Once this was done the tech will use a high temperature torch to braze a a small amount of copper over the hole. This is not ordinary welding using a propane torch and some solder. This is done at a very high temperature and actually melts the metals together to create a new bond. Much stronger than a solder joint. Once the welding is done the HVAC tech test the leak again with nitrogen and then re-pressurizes the line with freon. My AC is running like a champ again and I am a lot more careful about letting anything fall into it.

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