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Termite Swarming Season is here

Termite Swarming Season is here

Feb 23, 2012

I arrived at my home today to notice my neighbors home had termites swarming below his window, and in the evesĀ  near his rafter tails. I shot him a quick text so he would know with a pic of the lovely termites that were getting ready to leave the nest. I’m not too happy they are all next door within 15 feet of my 80+ year old home. But, that is life in the south. I periodically place spectracide termite stakes around my house every few years so I can slow down the decay that these insatiable insects cause.It has worked incredibly well. I have not seen a swarm or had rotten wood in 7 years since I first treated my perimeter.

Identifying termites is pretty easy. They tend to look like ants, but they have long abdomens and wings. You may see a couple of dozen or hundreds. Remember, ants don’t swarm typically unless they are messed with, termites seem to appear from no where.

So if Spring has sprung, like it already has here in Texas, then I suggest you vigilantly watch your exterior walls and interior windows for swarming termites. It is a clear indication you have a serious problem and should install stakes or contact a termite company immediately.

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