Remodeling Tips and Reviews

Installing Hardwood Floors

Hardwoods are available in all shades and colors and range in prices from a dollar a foot to the teens. They are available as a solid wood or as a veneer which uses less expensive plywoods underneath to reduce the cost of the flooring. Oak is by far the most popular hardwood being installed because of its beauty and durability. But flooring is available in almost any hardwood from common to exotic hardwoods.

Colors can range from a natural stain to a dark ebony and manufacturers have even intruduced pastels and other colors for modern applications.

When installing hardwood flooring there are 3 choices. Nail down is the most common followed by glue down and snap down which actually floats on the subfloor.  Nail down flooring requires a wooden subfloor and needs a vapor barrier to prevent the floor from absorbing too much moisture from the floor below.  Glue down is made from laminated hardwood flooring and is usually installed over  a concrete subfloor.  The third type is a flooring that actually snaps together like a puzzle on its sides and uses no nails or glue to install. This type of flooring usually requires a rubber padding to float on and is held in place by gravity and floor trimming.