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Dewalt D25980K Pavement Breaker: Power and Convience

Dewalt D25980K Pavement Breaker: Power and Convience

Jan 25, 2012

Demoing Concrete is one of the hardest jobs to do. You only have a few real choices, bring in large machines to the do the job or use a Jack Hammer if the project is not too big.Dewalt has created the D25980K pavement breaker to fill this niche. This breaker has great features at a great price point. With 61 ft lbs of force it has more power than Bosch and Brute. Dewalt has also designed this unit with anti vibration features: rubber handles, and shocks decrease vibration up to 70%. I have always had issues with these breakers tripping breakers on the job. This unit has a slow start 15 amp motor which helps prevent breaker trips common during motor ramp up. This unit is designed to be portable and easy to move around with heavy duty truck which also holds the steel needed for the job in slots.

The biggest advantages of the Dewalt’s D25980K Pavement Breaker:

  • Punches through Concrete with 61 ft lbs of force, making quick work of an demo.
  • Runs on a standard 15 Amp circuit with a slow start to reduce load issues
  • Vibration Reduction at 70%

Dewalt D25980K Pavement Breaker specs:

  • 61 Ft-lbs impact energy provides maximum performance
  • Shocks active vibration control reduces vibration up to 70 percent, increasing user comfort and productivity
  • 15 amp motor provides maximum power and overload protection
  • Rubber coated handles provide greater comfort and control
  • Electronic soft start increases productivity by reducing bit
  • walking Hammer Truck provides easy transportation of pavement breaker
  • Amazon consumers have given this a 4 star review


What is the warranty on the Dewalt’s D25980K Pavement Breaker?

  • 3 Year limited Warranty
  • 2 year service warranty
  • 90 day money back

Any Complaints about the Dewalt D25980K Pavement Breaker ? Unit has great reviews on the internet from other users. One user was not impressed with the cart and thought it could have been a little more heavy duty.

Where can I buy the Dewalt D25980K Pavement Breaker? Amazon offers this Dewalt pavement breaker at a great price below $1500 and as always you can get free shipping, no tax and enjoy their easy return policy. Lets not forget the advantage of having it delivered to your door rather than lugging it home from the store.