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DeWalt DW087K LaserChalkLine: No more messy clean up

DeWalt DW087K LaserChalkLine: No more messy clean up

Feb 11, 2012

This DEWALT DW087K LaserChalkLine can be used to level almost anything that needs

Dewalt DW087K LaserChalkLine

leveling. That is a broad statement because this is such a broad tool. It can be used to level picture frames, wood, furniture, tile, curtains and anything else that you need to level. The accuracy of the tool is an amazing 1/8 of an inch for up to 30 feet which is a long enough way to hang over 10 picture frames side by side!

If you need to mount this laser level onto a metal bracket then it comes with a pivot bracket that will let you do just that. You can not only mount it on to the bracket, but move it around while it is on the bracket so that you can adjust it to your needs. You do not have to worry about this tool getting out of level because there is a flashing indicator that will tell you when that happens and you can easily fix it with the press of a button. The run time for the level is up to twenty hours, which makes it great for long term projects where levelness is important as well as everyday use. If you are building a house, rearranging furniture, hanging up pictures, or anything else that needs a level, you can count on the DEWALT DW087K LaserChalkLine. This laser level is more accurate than many others which makes it a very competitive tool in the industry. If you need to make extremely accurate level measurements then this is the perfect tool for the job. The housing on it is very durable which makes it even more of an industrial grade laser level.

The DEWALT DW087K LaserChalkLine is a great tool if you need to create a perfect level at any angle.

DEWALT DW087K LaserChalkLine specs:

  • Easy, one-button operation
  • Accurate to 1/8-inch at 30 feet
  • Magnetic pivot bracket built in for easy mounting on metal surfaces
  • Features an out-of-level flashing indicator that kicks into gear when out of level
  • Three AA batteries included for increased 20 hours of run time
  • 3 Year Limited warranty
  • 1 year free service
  • 90 day no risk money back guarantee

Amazon currently has this laser level chalk line listed for under $149! Best deal on line.

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