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DEWALT DWX723 Miter Stand: Worth every penny

DEWALT DWX723 Miter Stand: Worth every penny

Jan 9, 2012

One of the biggest problems I run into when I am using my compound saw on any long materials, such as crown molding, is maintaining control over the long board while I am trying to cut it. I either have to have someone standing at the other end of the wood holding it, or I have to set up a desperate saw horse or roller to help me keep the board level with the saw. This creates all sorts of issues. Rarely is the area I am working on level so trying to get the supporting saw horse level with my saw is an exercise in insanity. The

Dewalt Miter Stand

result is imperfect cuts and wood that can move on you while you are cutting it and bind up the blade.

Dewalt’s DWX723 Miter Stand is worth every penny

Dewalt has solved this problem brilliantly with a highly portable, light weight, easy to set up miter stand that delivers on every problem with a mobile wood shop. The unit folds up into a small 73″ x 6″ and weighs just 35 lbs. The astounding thing is it can hold up to 500lbs of weight.

The biggest advantages of the DEWALT DWX723 Miter Stand

  • Light Weight
  • Easy set up and tear down to get in and out of the job quickly
  • Designed to handle large 16′ trim boards
  • supports up to 500 lbs
  • Aluminum constructions means it’s strong and won’t rust

DEWALT DWX723 Miter Stand specs:

  • Universal design works with all brands of miter saws
  • Lightweight aluminum construction (35 lbs.) allows for easy transport to and from the jobsite
  • 5-1/2-Inch beam extends to support up to 16-Feet of material and up to 500 lbs.
  • Miter saw mounting brackets allow easy and secure mounting of miter saw to stand
  • Non-marring feet on tool mount will not scratch material
  • 3-year limited warranty, a 1-year free service contract, and a 90 day money back guarantee.

Where can I buy the DEWALT DWX723 Miter Stand ?

Amazon offers this miter saw at a great price below  $200.