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Hitachi Framing Nail Gun Review

Hitachi Framing Nail Gun Review

Jan 2, 2012

Hitachi NR90AEPR 3-1/2-Inch Full-Head Framing Strip Nailer

Hitachi NR90AEPR 3-1/2-Inch Framing Nail Gun

When it comes to finding a truly reliable framing nail gun, Hitachi seems to always be at the top. Their guns are always lighter, more reliable, and have better warranties.  They usually are not found front and center at the  hardware store chains, but ask any pro and they will tell you Hitachi is unmatched.

The Hitachi NR90AEPR is a great gun to use because of its weight and flawless performance. Weighing in at 7.5 lbs this is one of the lightest framing guns on the market. It is more than 1/2 lb lighter than Bostitch’s Framing Gun. A half pound adds on in a hurry when you are driving 100’s of nails a day. This gun is designed for a pro or someone who needs to reduce time on a good sized framing project. With its tool-free depth adjustment dial and its quick flip switch to change how the gun fires, Hitachi engineered this gun with the user in mind. Keep in mind this uses full round head nails at 22 degrees. All and all one of the best framing guns I have used and markedly better than my Porter Cable.

The biggest advantages of the Hitachi Framing Nail Gun:

  • Selective actuation allows the user to switch from sequential to contact fire with the flip of a switch
  •  The tool-free depth of drive dial adds convenience when using varying materials
  •  The high carbon steel toenail and two-piece aluminum magazine provide durability and flexibility
  • Great for extended use or overhead applications
  • Comfort and flexibility are key features in this  framing nailer
  •  extended grip
  • wide range of acceptable fasteners
  • two-piece aluminum magazine
  • 5 year warranty

Where can I buy the Hitachi NR90AEPR 3-1/2-Inch Full-Head Framing Strip Nailer?

Amazon offers this Framing Gun at a great price below  $200 and as always you can get free shipping, no tax and enjoy their easy return policy.



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