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Old faithful: Cordess Paslode Angle Finish Nailer 900600

Old faithful: Cordess Paslode Angle Finish Nailer 900600

Dec 28, 2011

My favorite nail gun is Paslode’s cordless nailer model #900600. This was the first nail gun I purchased from Paslode. The price seemed steep to me at the time, but the amount of time it saved me made me quickly realize this is an essential tool for any carpenter who does finish work. You will never want to load up and run hoses again after this cordless nail gun spoils you with its ease of use.

The Paslode Angled finish gun shines when you are installing crown or working in a corner. Anyone who has ever had to work in a tight corner with a hose attached to their nail gun knows what a life saver this nail gun is. It will save large amounts of time when you need a nail gun to get a trim job done fast. Imagine no longer having to drag out a large heavy compressor, long hoses and then set it up and wait for it to pressurize.

If you remodel this angled nail gun is a dream. You don’t have rearrange a Paslode Angled Finish Nail Gun model 900600room to get at every spot like you would with a long hose attached to your old nail gun.  You don’t have to worry about making a mess or knocking over a client’s lamps with the hose while you move through a room installing trim. You don’t have to worry about tripping a breaker from the compressor’s load, heck you don’t even have to worry about pets getting out the door because its stuck open from your hose.

The Paslode  Finish Nailer uses the 16ga angled nails and will drive them through oak, which is difficult for any nail gun.  I have even used mine to secure the first few rows of 3/4″ oak flooring into 3/4″ sub flooring with no problems. It also holds 2 strips of nails so I am not constantly reloading it and can focus on getting the job done.
All of this is accomplished with Paslode’s cordless nail gun fuel cell. These small canisters can deliver upwards of 1200 nail shots. That’s almost an entire box, and the battery will last for up to 4000 nail shots.

When I was looking into this gun  I thought the cost was high and the the additional fuel cell cost was another expense I didn’t want to deal with. But I decided the time savings on the job might make it worth the extra $100 or so I would spend. Once I started using it and realized that I was shaving 20- 30 minutes off setting up for a job every day I realized the unit would pay for itself in a matter of weeks.

Paslode quick clear nose

If you use nail guns on a regular basis like I do then you know what a pain it can be clearing out nails that misfire. I have never used a nail gun that this didn’t happen to. Paslode has a genius quick clearing nose system. You simply flip down the plastic nose below the black band and release the nail. No more getting a screw driver and pliers and spending time trying to wiggle out the nail. It also has an easy toolless adjustment to set the depth of the nails fired.

Where can I buy this Finish Nailer?

Amazon offers this nail gun at a great price below  $349 and as always you can get free shipping and enjoy their easy return policy.