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How to repair a Paslode Framing Nail Gun CF325

How to repair a Paslode Framing Nail Gun CF325

Jan 14, 2012

One very common problem with nail guns is maintenance. Much like a car or other mechanical equipment framing nail guns need to be maintained on regular based. If you are using them constantly I recommend doing a cleaning and if the unit is losing power you will need to change out the rubber O- rings. Paslode’s cleaning manual is located here. The video below will show you how to change the o- ring in a cordless paslode 900420 Framing Nail Gun. You will need a set of allen wrenches and the paslode Tune Up kit which includes an O Ring.

Kit contains: Degreaser, Oil, Filter, Spark Plug, Stem Adaptor, O-Ring & Instruction Manual.

CF325 Model IMCT 900420



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