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Purdy 2.5-Inch XL-Glide Sash Style Paint Brush: The one Brush you Must Own

Purdy 2.5-Inch XL-Glide Sash Style Paint Brush: The one Brush you Must Own

Jan 13, 2012

If you are getting ready to paint or have already started and are frustrated with those annoying hairs that come out of the cheap paint brushes, it is time to upgrade. Cheap paint

Purdy Paint Brush

Purdy Paint Brush

brushes are made cheaply and they tend to leave uneven paint marks and give the paint too much of a combed appearance. For just the cost of a lunch more you can get the top of the line purdy brushes. I own at least a dozen of these brushes and all I can say is once you buy one and use it you will never go back to the cheap brushes. This particular brush is designed for either latex or enamel. They have other models that are more specialized. Just look into stock.

I highly recommend an angled brush, you get more painting surface area and it is much easier to cut in at the corners, which is invaluable for painting trim and windows. Otherwise you are trying to force a square into a corner, which does not work.

The biggest advantages of the Purdy 140152325 2.5-Inch XL-Glide Angled Paint Brush:

  • No hair dropping into your paint
  • smooth even flow of your paint onto your work
  • quality made in the USA

Purdy XL-Glide Angled Paint Brush specs:

  • Use this quality brush with all paints
  • Angular trim and fluted, natural hardwood handle is pure quality
  • Round edge, brushed copper ferrule
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Ideal for trim, touch-up and medium-sized surfaces such as cabinets, baseboards, cupboards, shelves, doors, beams, tables, fences, gutters, stair steps, etc
  • Amazon consumers have given this a 4.5 star review

You can purchase these fantastic brushes at Amazon for a great price below  $15.


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  1. Stephanie Tarver /

    I have always bought Purdy Brushes. If you try them once you will never uses anything else!