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Quick fix for those banging and hammering pipes

Quick fix for those banging and hammering pipes

Feb 5, 2012

Do you have loud banging going on when you turn off your water? This is caused by the

hammer arrester

inline 1/2" "sink valve" hammer arrester

water pressure in your pipes and when you cut off the water suddenly, it has no where to go so it creates a wave of sorts as it hits the now closed valve and moves back the other direction. This sudden change in direction will make a poorly secured pipe bang or hammer and put undo stress on your entire system. It is something that needs to be addressed.

The most common hammering in a home is where there are electronic valves in use, this includes the washing machine, ice maker, and the dishwasher. My home actually had one going to the sink and shower in the master bathroom. To resolve this you need to install hammer arresters.

How does a hammer arrester work?

When all that water is suddenly stopped it needs to go somewhere fast to slow the velocity. A hammer arrester is a piston in a chamber with air on the back side that moves up and down. When the moving water hits it, it is forced up into the chamber and can stop the water from hammering since it now has somewhere to go.

There are several different styles, and if you are planning a remodel it is a good idea to have a few of these soldered into the line during the plumbing portion of the remodel.

Tip: Black and Decker makes a great book on plumbing to learn the basics on connecting and sweating pipes.

These arresters below can be installed with an open faced wrench in a matter of minutes. You will simply need to unscrew the supply line to the appliance or fixture at the wall where it ties into the valve and install these, then reattach the supply line.

5/8 OD  hammer arrester ( this attaches to a threaded 1/2: pipe and then to the valve)

3/8″ OD Ice make in line hammer arrrester ( this attaches to the valve and then hose line, make sure you have a 1/4″ ice maker valve)

3/4″ washing machine in line hammer arrester ( attaches to the valve and then to the hose line)

Toilet inline hammer arrester ( attaches under the toilet tank)

1/2 sweat hammer arrester for someone who can work with plumbing ( if you buy a copper “T” and can cut and sweat pipe then this is a great option if you have access to the pipe itself.



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