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Bosch PB360D Jobsite Radio: Swiss Army knife of Radios

Bosch PB360D Jobsite Radio: Swiss Army knife of Radios

Jan 29, 2012

I have spent countless hours on jobsites, both inside and outside and I can say without a doubt having a radio makes the day go faster and smoother. Something about music

Bosch PB360D Jobsite Radio Review

Bosch PB360D Jobsite Radio

makes everyone work a little harder and seemingly in synch.

I have 2 old style Milwaukee jobsite radios, and while I could no doubt shoot them out of a canon, because they are so tough, they add very little use to my business. They are heavy, don’t charge anything, have no plugs except a cigarette lighter and don’t play MP3 music.

Bosch has addressed all of those issues with this well rounded jobsite radio. First of all the radio is encased in heavy duty plastic and aluminum row bars to prevent damage to the unit, perfect for the rough and tumble world of a jobsite. The unit itself has 50 watts of power thumping out of 4 speakers and a subwoofer. So the sound is great. No power? No problem with this unit, it runs off Bosch batteries. Even better if you have it plugged in it can charge batteries for you. It also have 4 GFCI 10 Amp plug receptacles so you can plug things into it without sacrificing those needed extension cords.

But that is just the beginning, this unit also has and SD slot, powered USB slot, 12V jack for your car charger, aux in and out and even the ability to connect to selective Sirius/XM devices. So I can easily bring an ipod and charge it while its playing or have my music on a USB or SD drive. I can also hook up my Sirius satellite. If only my saw was this versatile.


My favorite things about the Bosch PB360D Deluxe Power Box Jobsite Radio:

  • Unit can charge and run off batteries
  • Radio plays music from USb sticks, SD cards, radio and Aux in
  • 4 additional GFCI plugs make sure I can keep everything else powered up
  • Rugged cage preserves my investment
  • Great sound out of 4 speakers with a Remote to boot

Bosch PB360D Deluxe Power Box Jobsite Radio specs:

  • Premium 360 degree sound with 4 speakers plus subwoofer projecting sound in different directions
  • Rugged rubber and aluminum roll cage offers weather-resistant protection against tough jobsite conditions
  • Runs off of Bosch 14.4V to 18V Li-Ion batteries
  • Advanced digital tuner provides reception in more places along with SD/USB/auxiliary/line-out capability
  • Charges Bosch 14.4V to 18V Li-Ion batteries,
  • 4-way GFCI power outlets
  • 12V DC adapter
  • powered USB port

What is the warranty on the Bosch PB360D Deluxe Power Box Jobsite Radio ?

  •  1 year limited warranty

Where can I buy the Bosch PB360D Deluxe Power Box Jobsite Radio?

Amazon offers this jobsite radio at a great price below $205 and as always you can get free shipping, no tax and enjoy their easy return policy.

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