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Finding a Good Roofer

Finding a Good Roofer

Nov 16, 2012

The importance of finding a good roofer with credentials and a good standing with the BBB is paramount when it comes to keeping your house dry. Leaky roofs are one of the most destructive forces in the decay of a home over time. They can rot the wood structure out, invite termites and cause foundation movement that results in cracks and even pipe damage.

Installation and removal of the roof is critical to the success of the home in the future. A contractor who does not properly install flashing in valleys, or fails to use flashing at all can cause long term damage. Properly demoing the old roof and hauling it away without leaving thousands of nails in your garden beds and grass is also important.  But, the single most important  thing is the installation of the shingles. Shingles should have a minimum of 6 nails in each one. 3 are directly nailed into the single and 3 more are nailed in from the shingle above. It’s this second row that frequently is done wrong. If the shingler nails too high on the next row, he will miss the shingles underneath and set the roof up for failure. This is why hiring an experienced roof is paramount.

So make sure and use a qualified contractor who has been installing roofs for a long time and understands the importance of a good reputation. If they are listed with the BBB then all the better. The important thing is not to rush into a repair after a storm and think you have to pick the first company that comes through the door, better to take your time and carefully screen the contractors you consider using.  And be suspicious if a company knocks on your door after a hail storm and has out of state plates.