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Finding leaks on your roof

Finding leaks on your roof

Mar 22, 2012

We recently had a large storm blow through Texas and one of my clients called to complain about leaks coming in around their hot water heater and on the inside of the outside wall. Upon inspection I saw a few problems…

This first image is of the hot water heater vent pipe and its roof jack base. As you can see the base has been cut into several times to accommodate the vent pipe. The problem is after this was done the cuts were not sealed with roofing sealant and the rain collar was not lowered. It was left several inches above the seam. This allowed water from a driving rain to come in unimpeded.

The second roof jack vent is for the washing machine. The shingles were not covering the side of the metal base plate as they should have been. No nails were used at the bottom of the base plate and no sealant was used to seal the roof jack plate to the roof. Because of this there is a 1/4″ gap where water can easily move upwards and into the wall cavity. The harder the rain, the more water you will see in your house.

Both of these are are easily preventable with a tub of good roofing sealant and a few nails. A roof jack is nothing more than a plate with a rubber seal that sits

Common roof jack designed to seal in a plumbing vent pipe.

around vent pipes and other pipes that protrude through the roof and shingles. Installing the correctly is critical to preventing damage around the pipes from water penetration.