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SentrySafe SFW123DSB: Fire proof your valuables

SentrySafe SFW123DSB: Fire proof your valuables

Jan 27, 2012

SentrySafe SFW123DSB 1.23 Cubic Feet Combination Fire-Safe

SentrySafe SFW123DSB 1.23 Cubic Feet Combination Fire-Safe

If you don’t own a safe yet you are playing with fire. I finally bought this SentrySafe model 2 years ago and love it. I keep my valuables, money, passport, pictures, checks and a USB stick with data in it so I will never be at a complete loss. It may seem like a hassle to buy a safe, install it and then move everything into it that you need, but a much bigger hassle is someone stealing everything you own or having your home catch on fire and you have a total loss.

Did you know. the US has around 400,000 robberies a year. The first place a home burglar looks is in your master closet, drawers and your freezer.

This unit worked great for me, its not so big I can’t place it in my home, and it’s not so small I can’t put what I need inside it. There is a middle shelf on the unit so I can store smaller items and jewelry too. The front inside of the door has key notches and a storage pouch.  The inside has a little more than 1.2 cubic foot of space for storage. They also make larger safe units if you need one.

I found the unit easy to install and predrilled the holes for the large lag bolts supplied with the unit to screw it down to the floor. took all of 10 minutes with a socket wrench and a drill.

The biggest advantages of the SentrySafe SFW123DSB  Combination Fire-Safe:

  • Combo key and combination lock makes it even harder to get into
  • Fire rated at 1 hour
  • Comes with bolts to screw it into the floor
  • 4 1 inch bolts lock this unit up
  • large room inside for valuables and data
  • Amazon consumers have given this a 4 out of 5 star review

What is the warranty on the SentrySafe SFW123DSB  Combination Fire-Safe?

  • Free replacement if it is damaged in fire


Where can I buy the SentrySafe SFW123DSB  Combination Fire-Safe?

Amazon offers this safe at a great price at $199 and as always you can get free shipping, no tax and enjoy their easy return policy, not to mention  you don’t have to buy it and lug it all the way home. If you are a member of Amazon Prime you get free 2 day shipping plus free video downloads.



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