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Installing Sheetrock by Yourself

Installing Sheetrock by Yourself

Feb 14, 2012

Drywall lift

Drywall lift (sheetrock is incorrectly upside down)

If you are a true diy’er or running a sheetrock crew you want to make the best use of your time and not break your back lifting heavy sheetrock to install on the ceiling. There are only a few ways to accomplish this. Either you or two other people hold up the sheetrock while a third person tries to shoot screws into the sheetrock, or you get a drywall lift and life becomes easy. This lift is designed to hold the sheetrock and lift it into place on the ceiling while you leisurely shoot screws into it to secure it to the ceiling.  These can go as high as 11 feet and at under $150 can be a tremendous time saver and cut your install cost down tremendously if you run a sheetrock crew. You literally can cut the size of the crew down by a man with one of these units. A highly recommended addition to anyone’s arsenal of tools.

Mudding drywall as a Diy’er

Once you have installed the drywall it is time to move on to mudding the walls. If you start on the ceiling then you will need to have a ladder and move it every few minutes as you tape and bed. This is a cumbersome process and adds a lot of unnecessary time to the process. To significantly cut down on time a set of drywall stilts keep you on your feet and moving quickly. They take a little time to get used to, but they are a huge time saver and can be used for lots of other projects such as changing lights, washing high windows, painting crown molding, you name it. And at $90 well worth the investment in time saved.  For just a few hundred dollars you can save hours and hours and these items can pay for themselves quickly.