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Using Schluter Kerdi waterproofing to build your shower

Using Schluter Kerdi waterproofing to build your shower

Feb 11, 2013

Schluter Systems has rewritten the book on how tiled showers are constructed. The old method, still heavily in use, involves using cement backer board with and a PVC shower pan  and cement pad. It is relatively secure but has several weak points. Primarily it allows water to penetrate the pan floor and assumes the PVC pan will catch the excess water. This methodology also assumes the pan is in perfect working order and has been properly sloped to the shower drain to remove excess water.

Schluter systems is a leading manufacturer of shower construction components and has kerdicome up with a protective skin called “kerdi” that bonds via mortar to the top of the shower pan and walls just prior to tiling. This stops the water dead in its tracks and forces it back out into the shower space. When properly installed the shower is completely waterproof and has the added benefit of also allowing the shower to be made from easier to install materials. The shower pan no longer has to be made of slow setting mortar and concrete, rather it can be a quick easy to install shower tray that can be easily cut to fit. The walls can be made from sheetrock. The kerdi membrane takes care of all the waterproofing.

This makes the shower easier to build and uses less materials to be constructed. A very green approach to construction, since conservation is a key tenet of green.