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Takagi Tk-3 Tankless Hot Water Heater Review

Takagi Tk-3 Tankless Hot Water Heater Review

Jan 10, 2012

Takagi is a Japanese company and makes some of the finest gas tankless water heaters on the market. They have been manufacturing these units since the 1940’s and know their stuff. I personally

Takagi TK-3

Takagi TK-3

have a Takagi TK-1 unit that has been in use for 7 years on the outside of my house mounted on the wall, and it has worked flawlessly. I highly recommend these units. They heat quickly and efficiently  I can take a 10 minute shower or a 10 hour shower, it doesn’t matter, there is always plenty of hot water.  Bare in mind the colder the climate is the more time and energy  it takes to heat the water up so installing the right sized unit for your area and the number of people and appliances running in your house at any one time is important.

These units also require some specialized installation items to install them correctly. You will need stainless steel venting pipes that won’t corrode over time and react with the copper tank inside the unit. You will also need have or upgrade to a 3/4″ gas line to feed the unit. Lastly, you will need to bring electrical power to the unit to power the electrical ignition switch.


Takagi TK3 Tankless Hot Water Unit unit has the following specs.

  • Compact Size: Only 13.8 inches wide
  • Lower Activating Flow Rate: This unit activates at only 0.5 gallons per minute, which is great for bathroom sinks and other low flow uses.
  • Parallel Installation: the T-K3 can be installed in parallel with up to three other units without the use of an additional control box.
  • Direct-Vent Conversion: The T-K3 can be easily converted into a direct vent model for inside installations that need to import combustion air from outside.
  • Eight Temperature Settings: the T-K3 offers eight separate temperatures, set by dip-switch: 104 degree F, 113 degree F, 122 degree F, 131 degree F, 140 degree F, 158 degree F, 176 degree F, and 185 degree F.
  • Longer vent runs: The T-K3 can have a vent pipe run up to 50 feet with five elbows, instead of the normal 35 with three elbows.

The Takagi TK-3 unit is designed for high demand applications and is perfect for a large home or small commercial space which would need 3 applications running at the same time. An example is where the winter ground water is 60 degrees F and with the output set at 122 degrees F – the T-K3 will provide a 5.4 GPM, or 324 GPH. Even in northern climates where the water is 40 degrees F or less, expect a flow rate about 4.1 GPM, or 246 GPH.


10 years on the heat exchanger, 5 years parts and 1 year labor.


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