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Do I need to Remove My Toilet before Installing Tile?

Do I need to Remove My Toilet before Installing Tile?

Jan 31, 2012

Remodeling a bathroom is laborious and while short cuts are tempting there really is no way around tiling the entire floor, unless you just don’t care how it looks when it’s done. Keep in mind that tiling around a toilet would be incredibly difficult to do, due to the curves of the toilet. You also need to keep in mind that toilet may be replaced or have to be removed at some time in the future.

Removing a toilet is pretty easy, I recommend cleaning it with a brush and flushing it first, if possible. Then, cut off the water and disconnect the supply hose from the tank. Flush it and hold down the handle to empty the tank.  Usie a large sponge to soak up the water in the tank and the bowl. Once there is no visible water you are ready to remove the 2 nuts that hold the toilet to the floor with a wrench. They will probably be covered with 2 plastic caps at the base of the toilet. Some toilets also have a bead of caulking that will need to be cut with a 5 in one tool or a utility knife. Once all of that is loose you can move the toilet. I recommend you get another person to help and have a towel on the floor. Rock the toilet back and forth a few times gently to work more water out of the bowl. I will frequently lift the toilet into the tub ( if we are demoing the tub, too) and rock it back and forth several times to get as much water out of the bowl line as possible. We then move it to the garbage pile.

Reinstalling the toilet after the new floor is down may create an issue with the toilet flange. The flange should sit on top of the new tile floor. If it is low you may need a flange extension kit. If you think it will be high I would consider adding thickness to the sub floor prior to installing the tile.