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How to cut Glass Tile

How to cut Glass Tile

Mar 10, 2012

Glass tile is all the rage and if you are planning on installing it you need to know a few things before you begin.

Lower tile is with standard blade on cut on the bottom. Upper tile bottom cut is with a glass blade.

First, remember that you are working with glass, and a tile saw.  The glass cuts will be sharp and you can cut yourself if you are not careful. You should wear eye protection as small shards occasionally become airborne. A mask may not be a bad idea either.

Second, an ordinary saw blade will cause blow out. You will need to change your blade to a glass saw blade. These blades are thinner, finer and will cost more than an ordinary saw blade. I have a 10″ tile saw and had to order my blade on line through Amazon. I settled on the MK Diamond 155950 glass blade. It creates less blow out than my standard blade. I also placed a small piece of concrete backer board under the tiles to support the back side of the glass as I was cutting to further reduce the blow out on the back side. This wouldn’t matter with a normal tile since any blowout on the back would not be visible, but as we all know, glass is transparent.

Third, make sure you cut slowly. Glass tiles that are thicker, like these 4 1/4″ square tiles, are very dense as a result. They will cut more like granite than ceramic. I had to cut at about half my normal rate to prevent burning and blade binding from the glass. I suggest cutting one tile a few times to get a hang of it and decide how slow to go. I noticed that when there was the appearance of molton red at the cut point during a cut,  I needed to slow down. Make sure you also have plenty of water on the blade and in the pan to keep the glass cool.

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