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Laying Tile Over Vinyl Floors

Laying Tile Over Vinyl Floors

Jan 31, 2012

Random Slate Pattern. Just wiped down after grout install.

I have gotten this question a few times… Can I lay tile over my vinyl floor without tearing up the vinyl? There are tile shops out there doing this and I have seen the results. We recently replaced a dozen tiles in a kitchen and removed grout from around 20 tiles. The tiles were breaking and the grout was fracturing. What did we find underneath the 12×12 tiles? Vinyl flooring.

When I asked the home owner who she had the job done by, she said one of the large chain stores ( starts with an “L”). Now I know all they do is subcontract the work out to locals, but it makes them look bad. So, In my opinion, I do not recommend tiling over vinyl. We recently laid a random pattern slate floor. The floor had 2 layers of vinyl with 1/4″ plywood sheets in between. That plywood literally had nails every 3″. It took a few hours to get it up and was back breaking work. We then had to clean the floor of all the nails and lay Durrock. But, I know the result is going to be a floor that last years.

I would only consider vinyl if you are very sure the floor under it is quite stable and has minimal give, such as concrete. You can,however, install cement backer board over the vinyl if you don’t have concerns about the step up in the room from the new higher floor.